Ed Sanders Recalls His Friendship with Harry Smith

Ed Sanders, poet and founding member of The Fugs, recalls his deep friendship with Harry Smith, compiler of the highly influential Anthology of American Folk Music. Smith produced The Fugs’ first album in 1965 for Folkways Records.


Some Crazy Magic: Meeting Harry Smith

John Cohen tells the story of his first meeting with eccentric filmmaker and collector Harry Smith, the man who created the Anthology of American Folk Music.


Harry Smith Acknowledged

The magician receiving a life ackowledgement for his contribution to american music transformation through his collection of American Folk Music, a few days before his death. (From the Smithsonian Edition)

Excerpts from Film #23 by Harry Smith

This is a video recording of portions of Film 23 by Harry Smith from the original and only No. 23 16mm print. The TRT of the complete film is 24 minutes, 20 seconds. These excerpts are selections from scenes in the film, including Patti Smith with Robert Mapplethorpe, a woman performing string figures with superimposed motifs, then a nude woman slowly dancing in a room, and finally a woman symbolically shooting a man with her finger as a gun.


Excerpts From Harry Smith Film 23 HQ (High Qualty video mode) from Steve Beck on Vimeo.

Harry Smith, legendary filmmaker talks about mediumship

Harry Smith, music ethnocologist, painter, graphic designer, historian and filmmaker talks about mediumship in the living of & with Alan Steinfeld 1985.




Smithsonian Folkways remembers Harry Smith

The video footage is from a 1997 concert celebrating the CD reissue of the anthology.


Interview with Harry Smith and P. Adams Sitney – Part 1

Recorded in Chelsea Hotel, NYC, 1965.