"Curious Crystal of Unusual Purity" at MOMA P.S.1

MOMA P.S.1 includes Harry Smith’s work in an exhibition based on the idea a Wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities). The exhibition featured over 100 works by 35 artists. The title of the exhibition, taken from a song recorded by Bridget St. John in 1969, influenced their choices. The show took shape organically, forming over time and with many facets: each work a world of its own. Artists included are Lisa Beck, Carol Bove, Matthew Brannon, Sebastiaan Bremer, Mary Brogger, Alex Brown, Bruce Conner, Bjorn Copeland, Darinka Jeff Davis, Jeremy Davis, Steve Di Benedetto, Trisha Donnelly, Jim Drain, Mark Dwinell, Amy Gartrell, Joanne Greenbaum, Erik Hanson, Peter Huttinger, Jutta Koether, Christopher Lucas, Billy Miller, Christopher Myers, Ara Peterson, Adrian Piper, Joe Scanlan, Michelle Segre, David Shaw, Harry Smith, Stephen Sprott, Barbara Sullivan, Fred Tomaselli, John Tremblay, Kelley Walker, B. Wurtz, and Peter Young.

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06/27/2004 - 10/03/2004

Sound Café, Musashino City, Japan