1. Harry Smith lecture, 5:00 pm comments, July, 1989. – Smith, Harry
A very short excerpt of Harry Smith talking about slam dancing, fans and clocks, and pinhole cameras:

2. Harry Smith Cajun music. – Smith, Harry
A compilation of sounds by Harry Smith with chanting, street sounds, singing, poetry, blues, and rock. Includes the Fugs playing, “The Summer of Love,” “The Modest Rose,” and “Ciao Man.” This tape is likely to include sounds made from a microphone hung out of Allen Ginsberg’s New York Lower East Side apartment.

3. Harry Smith lecture on the rationality of namelessness. – Smith, Harry
Harry Smith discusses Surrealism, liars and poetry, as he spends a good deal of the tape trying to find the poem he wants to read, parody of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

4. Harry Smith lecture on – Smith, Harry
Harry Smith plays and comments on his film “Heaven & Earth Magic.”

5. Harry Smith lecture – Smith, Harry
Harry Smith shows his films while playing various musical selections to accompany them.

6. Harry Smith class. – Smith, Harry
Naropa class: Harry Smith shows film and commenting on it.

7. Harry Smith lecture on Native American Cosmos. – Smith, Harry
Harry Smith describes two Native American ceremonies he witnessed in the early 1940’s in the Pacific Northwest. Interspersed with his account of the ceremonies, he discusses tangentially various related topics, including Native American health before the European invasion, Native American sign language, the migration of symbols, and misogyny in anthropological accounts of Native American peoples, creation myths, and cosmology.

8. Harry Smith lecture on the Native American cosmos, July, 1990. – Smith, Harry
Harry Smith lecture on mythology and cultural practices in traditional and indigenous cultures. Among other topics, he discusses belief in reincarnation, the ceremonial use of peyote, and creation stories.