Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music

Columbia City Theater

Seattle, WA

December 14, 2012

American Standard Time, Ball of  Waxand Hearth Music present "A Tribute to Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music," hosted by Greg Vandy. Performers include The Sumner Brothers, Annie Ford Band, Atlas Stringband and Liam Fitzgerald.

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Harry Smith Folk Music Festival

Elk Creek Cafe & Ale Works

Millheim, PA

November 13, 2012

The third annual Harry Smith Folk Music Festival will include over ten musical acts performing songs from the Anthology of American Folk Music.


Knots and Unknots with Philip Ording and Terry Winters


Brooklyn, NY

October 25, 2012

In conjuction with the exhibition Harry Smith: String Figures, Cabinet is pleased to host a conversation with mathematician Philip Ording and painter Terry Winters on string figures and pictorial topology.

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Harry Smith: String Figures


Brooklyn, NY

September 19, 2012- November 11, 2012

Cabinet presents an exhibition of 22 string figures created by ethnomusicologist, collector and artist Harry Smith. 

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Patchwork and String Bands


Brooklyn, NY

October 11, 2012

Cabinet presents an evening of film and live music programmed in conjunction with the current exhibition Harry Smith: String Figures.  The program includes a live performance by John Cohen and the Downhill Strugglers, documentaries about Tommy Jarrell and Mary Jane Holcomb and a workshop about ballads and social music.

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Beat Cinema 1: A Universe of Possibilities

Festival of the Moving Image

Winnepeg, Canada

Setepmber 28, 2012

Underground Film Scholar Jack Sargeant presents an evening of experimental film with works by Harry Smith, Peter Whitehead and Antony Balch.

More information available here.

Media Archeology Festival

Aurora Picture Show

Houston, TX

Setepmber 21 - September 23, 2012

The Aurora Picture Show presents the 9th annual Media Archeology Festival, a multi-media festival that presents worksthat manipulate and recycle electronic media. The festival includes live performances, hybrid works and experimental films by artists including Harry Smith and Stan Brakhage.

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Harry Smith

MassArt Film Society

Boston, MA

Setepmber 19, 2012

The MassArt Film Society is pleased to present an evening of films by Harry Smith programmed by Saul Levine. The screening will include Mirror Animations # 10 and # 11 and Heaven and Earth Magic.

More information available here.

Sonic Slippage

The Menil Collection

Houston, TX

Setepmber 17, 2012

The Menil Collection is pleased to host the three part series The Sounds of Silence, organized by guest curator Steve Seid. Sonic Slippage features a collection of works by artists including Harry Smith, Bruce Connor and Rebecca Baron in which the impact of the image is transformed by the audio track.

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Reflection/ Refraction

Brattle Theatre

Boston, MA

July 3, 2012

Balagan presents Reflection/ Refraction, an evening of experimental work including a 16mm performance by Architecture of the Sun and film and video works by filmmakers including Harry Smith.

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Performing Painting, Painters Filmmaking

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Atlanta, GA

June 15, 2012

This installment in Andy Ditzler's Film Love series features film works by painters, including films by Hans Richter, Harry Smith, Otto Muehl and others.

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Old Weird Americana: A tribute to Harry Smith - free live Performance

Music Millennium

Portland, OR

May 12, 2012

Music Millennium and the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, OR are pleased to present a live music tribute to The Anthology of American Folk Music. Performers include Lauren Sheehan, Bob Shoemaker, The Ghost of Harry Smith and James Low.

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Uncut March 2012: "The Man Who Changed America" by Rob Young

The March 2012 "Beatles Anniversary" issue of Uncut Magazine featured a profile on Harry Smith and The Anthology of American Folk Music. This article describes Smith's work as an archivist, artist and collector and includes a detailed description of the Anthology.

More information availabel here.


Color and Form: Modernist Animation in California

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles, CA

April 27, 2012

The Los Angles County Museum of Art and the Center for Visual Music proudly presens two film programs in conjuction with the exhibition "California Design: Living in a Modern Way." These progams include works by Oskar Fischinger, Jules Engel, Jordan Belson and Harry Smith.

More information available here.

Occultural Film Series: Magick in Cinema w/ Brian Butler

Northwest Film Forum

Seattle, WA

April 5, 2012

Brian Butler presents an evening of avant-garde and experimental cinema about the occult.

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Harry Smith Program

Anthology Film Archives

New York, NY

March 18, 2012, 6:00 & 8:00

Anthology Film Archives proudly presents a screening of works by Harry Smith including Early Abstractions, Mirror Animations, Late Superimpositions, Oz, the Tin Woodmen's Dream and Heaven and Earth Magic.

More information available here.



Harry Smith screening at All Tomorrow's Parties Festival

All Tomorow's Parties

Butlins, Minehead, UK

March 11, 2012

On March 9-11 an All Tomorrow's Parties music festival will take place with a line-up including Thurston Moore and the Magnetic Fields. Screenigs in the event's cinema will include Harry Smith's films Early Abstractions, Mirror Animations, Heaven and Earch Magic and Late Superimpositions

More information available here.


Animation Breakdown: Harry Smith's "Heaven and Earth Magic"

Cinefamily, Los Angeles, CA

February 28, 2012

Independent movie theater Cinefamily and Animation Breakdown colloborate to present two screenings of Harry Smith's Heaven and Earth Magic with live scoring by experimental duo Flying Lotus.

More information available here.


Everyone knows this is now.w.here film programme

Whitestable Playhouse Theatre, United Kingdom

February 24, 2012

The Off The Page festival presents a screening of experimental films curated by James Holcombe from the now.w.where artist collective. The screening will include films by Harry Smith, Christopher MacLaine, Pat O'Neill and more.

More information available here.



UEA London Annouces Upcoming Conference

On September 15, 2012 UEA London will host the conference "America Changed Through Music": Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music at 60 with keynote speaker Professor Geoffery Ward.

Call For Papers:

University of East Anglia, School of American Studies

“America Changed Through Music”: The Anthology of American Folk Music At 60

UEA London, Saturday 15th September 2012

Keynote: Professor Geoff Ward, Royal Holloway, University of London

2012 marks the sixtieth anniversary of Harry Smith’s landmark Anthology of American Folk Music, which over the six decades of its existence has exerted considerable influence on generations of musicians, artists, and writers. In his acceptance speech for the Grammy Awards that the Anthology received in 1997, Smith claimed:  “I’m glad to say that my dreams came true. I saw America changed through music.”  This one day interdisciplinary conference, hosted by the UEA School of American Studies at UEA London, invites papers that will consider Smith’s claim: to what extent has America “changed through music”, specifically the music brought together on the Anthology of American Folk Music? More generally, discussions on the day will examine the wider legacy of the Anthology of American Folk Music on twentieth-century music, art, and literature. Possible topics could include:

Abstracts of 350 words with a brief biographical note to be submitted to Dr Thomas Ruys Smith [Thomas.Smith@uea.ac.uk] and Dr Ross Hair [R.Hair@uea.ac.uk] by June 1st 2012.


More information available here.



Public Radio Tribute to the Anthology of American Folk Music

The Public Radio Exchange show "Blues Unlimited" recently featured a tribute to the Anthology of American Folk Music.

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